CHEP, a Brambles company, the biggest sustainable logistics solution supplier and one of the biggest B2B circular businesses globally, is the first in its sector to have a regenerative sustainability vision. As pointed out by Gabriel Ivan, Country General Manager CHEP Romania & Bulgaria, the company is a committed advocate and partner in promoting the highest standards in sustainability of the FMCG and Retail sectors.

1. What is your approach in terms of the regenerative sustainability concept?

We are acting within the framework of our current five-year regenerative centered strategy, that target areas where our business can have the most positive impact to support the ‘decade of action’ on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In simple terms, it is a strategy that aims to give back more than we take and we need, to become positive by creating more and more value.

Our commitment is to get nature-positive by 2025 through restoring forests, going beyond zero waste, and drawing down more carbon than we produce. For becoming business-positive, we will pioneer regenerative supply chains by improving our circular model every year, increasing the environmental benefits in our customers’ supply chains. To be communities-positive, we will build resilience, promote circularity and account for the connections between society, the economy and nature.

2. What are your long-term objectives and the company evolution since you launched your strategy?

We are now building a business that helps create a nature positive, a business positive, a community positive economy with re-use, resilience and regeneration at its core. And we have a consistent track record of delivering results against our targets. This help us attract customers and investment by minimising risks and increasing confidence in long-term value creation, differentiate our customer value proposition to become strategic partners, attract and retain the best people, but also to identify best practices and areas of improvement which ultimately bring year on year growth.

3. You engaged to reach the carbon neutral level by 2040, ten years before the objective that had been set in the Paris Agreement. What does this mean?

To support the Paris Agreement, we decided to adopt short-, medium- and long-term emissions reduction targets, including using 100% of renewable electricity in our own operations by 2025, maintaining carbon neutrality across our operations, aligning with 2030 Science Based Targets and a 2040 Net-Zero target covering 100% CHEP’s and Brambles’ operational and value chain emissions.

4. What measures have you taken to optimize your communication with all participants to the value chain?

We are a supply chain solutions’ supplier both for production and distribution companies in FMCG as well as for retailers. This placed us in a great position to promote the transition to the circular economy, as well as one-off projects such as Lean&Green or the CHEP issued Sustainability Certificates.

We welcome and support any company willing to promote the benefits of circularity and its yearly progress in terms of environmental savings, in one-off communication projects and annual reports. And we remain open to debate and embrace creative and collaborative ideas and solutions from the industries we are connected with. All our clients and partners are invited to participate to this journey to regeneration.

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