Volunteering in rural areas can have a significant impact on fostering behaviors that contribute to environmental protection and the development of a sense of unity within the community. Through the Good Day – Little Volunteer Day on Via Transilvanica” project, Tășuleasa Social Association, in partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Romania demonstrate that when key elements such as community, national projects, and strategic partnerships are coming together, the results translate into thriving and sustainable communities.

The project began as a Christmas philanthropic initiative for vulnerable children and evolved into a systemic intervention that combines actions for education and the promotion of environmental responsibility. Four key elements laid the foundation for this year’s edition: the communities along Via Transilvanica needed opportunities to connect, Via Transilvanica trail – the largest project that put Romania on the map as a top destination in ecotourism, with a continuous need for conservation, and a strong partnership with Coca-Cola HBC, whose commitment to creating a better world „After Us” became a common goal. In addition, data from studies confirmed the need for education and the creation of opportunities: 70% of teachers believe that rural schools do not equip students with the necessary knowledge to understand climate change and take individual measures.

The „Good Day – Little Volunteer Day on Via Transilvanica” took place over a period of 6 months of preparations and actions focused on three strategic steps:

SYSTEMIC PARTNERSHIPS: Over 100 educational units and 3 local authorities were invited to join the project and spread educational content in schools.

EDUCATION AND TRAINING OF VOLUNTEERS: Groups of VOLUNTEERS from Via Transilvanica were formed by selecting them from over 35 rural schools that later participated in environmental education sessions.

ACTION AND CELEBRATION: The largest simultaneous clean-up action took place in 110 localities along the Via Transilvanica route in the counties of Mureș, Suceava, and Bistrița. Over 1000 km of the route were cleaned with the help of 3000 volunteers.

The results of 2023 confirmed once again that the power of systemic partnerships can contribute to shaping the new generation of environmental volunteers in rural areas: 3000 volunteers, 3 counties, over 1000 km cleaned, 25,000 kg of waste collected, 2 landfills eliminated; 260,000 indirect beneficiaries.

Good Day – Little Volunteer Day on Via Transilvanica was awarded with the Gold Award for Excellence in the Environmental Communication category and the Silver Award for Excellence in the CSR category, at the PR Awards 2023 Gala.

Via Transilvanica, the project of the Tășuleasa Social Association initiated in 2018, represents a 1,400 km tourist and pilgrimage route that starts from Bucovina, from Putna, crosses Transylvania and ends at Drobeta-Turnu Severin. The aim of the project is to highlight the cultural-historical and natural riches of Romania, both at national and international level.

Via Transilvanica passes through ten counties, areas of great cultural, historical, and natural importance, being at the same time a real catalyst for the cultures that have coexisted for centuries in our country.

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